Tiffany Chen is a main character in BUNK'D. She is a really smart, anti-social girl who doesn't know much about fun, due to trying to make her mother proud, until Zuri teaches her how to have fun. She is portrayed by Nina Lu.


Tiffany is an outcasted girl who doesn't have any fun, and always tries to make her mother proud with her grades. However, Zuri will teach her to have fun. She is a perfectionist who always looks ahead, and doesn't live life the way a kid should. She always wants to be perfect, and spends most of her time studying or reading books.

Physical Appearance

Tiffany is a young Asian-American girl, she has brown hair, and brown eyes. Her style varies her personality, is full of bright colors, however, her style is studious like a uniform. She is usually seen wearing a button up shirt, with colored short jeans, and flats with socks. She is very casual. Her hair is usually in a pony tail, or a side braid. She is one of the shortest characters.



Unnamed Mother

Tiffany spends her camp time trying to make her mother proud with her grades, and being a spelling bee champion, as well as winning the "best camper" award and getting into Harvard. She expects too much from Tiffany, and seems to choose her life for her.

Unnamed Brother

According to Tiffany, he lost the Spelling Bee, so her mom didn't let him come home, and as a result, she hasn't seen him in 10 months.


Zuri Ross

Zuri and Tiffany are frenemies. Zuri makes it her mission to teach Tiffany to have fun and cause trouble. They are bunkmates. Zuri seems to be annoyed by her violin playing. (see Zuri and Tiffany)


Jorge and Tiffany seem to be friends. They hug when hearing the woods rumble in the pilot episode. (see Jorge and Tiffany)


* Whe Lou says her college experience in 7 years from now, it reveals she's 11, due to college starting at 18, which means she was born in either 2003-2004.