A list of similarities between Suite Life on Deck/Zach and Cody, JESSIE, and BUNK'D.


Emma Ross and London TiptonEdit

  • Both are fashionistas and self centered.
  • Both of them are not too bright.
  • Both seem to be ditzy and optimistic.
  • They were both questioned on their smartness.
  • They both love fashion.

Luke Ross and Zach MartinEdit

  • They're both troublemakers.
  • They both prank their brothers.
  • They both have a crush on someone slightly older than them, Luke with Jessie and Zach with Maddie.
  • They're both flirts.
  • They both have bad grades and progresses at school.

Lou and Maddie FitzpatrickEdit

  • Both are hardworking.
  • They're both sweet and friendly.
  • They're both friends with a fashionista, Lou with Emma, Maddie with London.

Zuri Ross and London TiptonEdit

  • They both can be selfish and spoiled at times.
  • Both of their work ethic is lacking.
  • They're both rich.
  • Both try to get out of chores and school.

Ravi Ross and Cody MartinEdit

  • Both like school and do well.
  • Both are constantly bullied by their brothers, Ravi by Luke, Cody by Zach.
  • Both are nerdy.

Bertram Winkle and Mr. MosebyEdit

  • They both despise kids.
  • They both get angry easily.