Katrina Charlotte Coretta Scott "K.C." Cooper is the main protagonist in K.C. Undercover. She is an undercover spy, who saves the world with her martial arts skills, and her robotics talent. She is a sophomore student, and is really good at math. She will first appear in All Howl's Eve. She is portrayed by Zendaya.


K.C. is a super smart girl. She loves school, math, and robotics. She is a straight A student, and a complete tomboy. She hates parties, even though her best friends forces her to attend anyways. She is very anti-social, however, a nice teen. She gets nervous around cute boys, and seems to play basketball. She's following her parents' footsteps.

Physical AppearanceEdit

K.C. is very tall, about 5'10", and has brown hair with amber highlights, and brown eyes. She seems to have a toned down wardrobe with neutral colors. Style varies on a numbered jersey, with jeans, and sneakers, with some earrings. Her look is tomboyish, and simple, she hates heels, skirts, and dresses. She doesn't wear pink, purple, or any neon colors.


  • K.C. was originally named Katy Cooper.
  • She is a black belt in martial arts.
  • K.C. Loves to play basketball, and it giver her confidence.
  • Her full name is Katrina Charlotte Coretta Scott Cooper, but shortens it to K.C.
  • She has 4 names, Katrina, Charlotte, Coretta, Scott, but 3 middle names.
  • She is a vegetarian, like her actress, Zendaya.
  • Bad at talking to boys.
  • She is good at things, which made her brother really angry.
  • She can't keep secrets.
  • K.C. is not photogenic.


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