{{Infobox character |name = Jessie Prescott |image = Jessie.png |full name = Jessica Marie Prescott |gender = Female |birth date = May 13, 1993 (Age 23) |resides = Penthouse (formerly)
Studio |occupation = Nanny (formerly)
Actress |eye color = |hair color = |family =Tony (Possiblely Husband)
Jenny Merry Chicholin (Newborn Daughter)<br>[[Merry Prescott]] (Mother;Deceased) |relationships = Tony<br>Brooks Wentwelth (ex-fiancé) |friends = [[Emma Ross]]<br>[[Zuri Ross]]<br>[[Ravi Ross]]<br>[[Luke Ross]]<br>[[Bertram Winkle]] |affiliations = English |first episode = [,_New_Nanny New York, New Nanny] |last episode = [ Jessie Goes to Hollywood] |actor = Cameron Boyce}}<gallery> </gallery><gallery> JESSIE Logo.png JESSIE Cast.jpg </gallery><gallery> JESSIE Logo.png JESSIE Cast.jpg </gallery>She was the Ross kids' nanny until 'JESSIE' ended in 2015. The kids haven't mentioned her in camp (yet). [[Category:Characters]] [[Category:Females]] [[Category:Nannies]] [[Category:JESSIE Characters]] [[Category:Mothers]] [[Category:Enemies of Gladys]] [[Category:Characters]] [[Category:JESSIE Characters]]