Hazel Swearengen is the main antagonist in BUNK'D and the arch-rival of Emma Ross. She is portrayed by Tessa Netting.


Hazel is a two faced, greedy, self-centered, stingy teenage girl who's main goal is to keep Xander for herself and get rid of Emma




Hazel has a crush on Xander.But Xander does not feel the same way about her as he has a crush on Emma.


Her MinionsEdit

These are Hazel's friends.


Emma RossEdit

Emma and Hazel  are enemies, due to both liking Xander. Hazel is out to get her (and her siblings), mostly Emma, and Xander liking Emma, instead of her.


Zuri RossEdit

Zuri and Hazel are enemies.


Hazel hates her, because Lou is friends with Zuri



Gladys is Hazel's aunt. and the owner of camp kikiwaka.


  • She is head counselor of Weasels.
  • Hazel dislikes Emma, because Xander likes Emma instead.
  • In Jessie, Ms. Chesterfield had the role of the Rosses main enemy, now, Hazel has taken the role.
  • Has a crush on Xander.
  • Hazel is similar to Bryn Breitbart who was Emma's arch nemesis in Walden Academy.
  • Her Aunt Gladys owns Camp Kikiwaka and both of them are doing what it takes to get the ross kids out of their camp.
  • She is similar to Sharpay Evans from High School Musical and London Tipton in the Suite Life series but meaner as they are.
  • She is similar to Darla Shannon as both are antagonists, both are greedy and both scapegoat the main heroines on their TV series.
  • Her relationship with Emma is similar to Jessie Prescott's relationships with her stepsister, Darla Shannon.


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