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Emma Ross and Hazel Heidi


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Xander and Emma (relationship)
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Emma and Hazel is the arch enemy pairing of Emma Ross, and Hazel Heidi.

Other namesEdit

  • Hazemma (Haz/el and Emma)

Moments Edit

Season 1Edit


  • They will meet, and instantly become enemies, due to both liking the same boy.

Trivia Edit

Similarites Edit

  • Both are females.
  • Both girls have a crush on Xander.
  • Both are staff at Camp Kikiwaka.
  • Both hate each other.

Differences Edit

  • Emma is a protagonist, Hazel is an antagonist.
  • Xander likes Emma, and not Hazel.
  • Emma is friends with Lou, Hazel hates her.
  • Emma is a Woodchuck, Hazel is a Weasel.


  • Hazel was originally the name of Emma's best friend Lou.
  • Both are in a love triangle with Xander.
  • In JESSIE, Emma's arch rival was Bryn Breitbart, however, Hazel has now takes the role as her arch rival.
  • In JESSIE, the Ross Kids' arch nemesis was Ms. Chesterfield, now, Hazel has taken that role.


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